Friday, February 22, 2013

e.l.f. HAUL || chelseahkitty

Earlier this month e.l.f. ( was having an event for free shipping on orders over $25. I had gone to Target because they do sell some e.l.f. products but I couldn't find any of the studio brushes or the setting spray people have raved about..turns out they only sell these things online! I think e.l.f. has great quality for the price, especially some of the brushes. 

Ok, so here are the products I ordered: 

Brushes: (in order from left to right in the picture above.)
  • Flawless Concealer Brush 
    • Great for under-eye concealing. NOT for concealing blemishes, it's larger than it looks.
  • Small Tapered Brush 
    • I use this for highlighting my cheekbones using one of the blushes I bought. Could also be great for contouring since its small and fluffy.
  • Small Angled Brush 
    • The first time I went to use this a TON of the hairs fell out..maybe I got a bad one. It still works great for applying cream eyeliner though. 
  • HD Blush in "Superstar"  
    • I haven't used this one on my face yet, but testing it on my hand it is VERY pigmented (as in, a pea size would be enough to cover like..your entire face!) 
  • Blush in "Pink Passion"  
    • Great everyday color. 
  • Baked Blush in "Rich Rose"  
    • Just a pink blush with gold shimmer.
  • Baked Blush in "Pinktastic" 
    • This could never be used as a blush, but I didn't buy it to use as a blush anyway. I use it as a highlighter because it's a very pretty pale/light tan shimmer. 
  • Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil (Teal)
  • Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Black)
  • Makeup Mist & Set
    • Spray it on after you've applied all your makeup or just to refresh your face during the day. I've noticed if my face feels cakey from powder I can spray this and it helps make it look more dewy. 

Cost: All items were 3$ each except the eyeliners which were $1 each. 
If you'd like a more detailed review or picture for a certain product/s just comment below and I will get to it ASAP. 

x chelseah


  1. I have that spray too ;)
    and yes you're right the price and quality are really good.

    Maybe we could follow each other?
    Let me know ^^

    -xo Supernat

    1. I love the spray! :)
      I just followed you!
      x chelseah