Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nala & Kiba are on YouTube! || chelseahkitty

Just a quick post to let everyone know I've created a YouTube channel for the kitties! 
You can check it out here: NalaKiba on YouTube

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review: Yes to Cucumbers Products || chelseahkitty

I bought the Yes to Cucumbers calming night cream after using the soothing gentle milk cleanser face wash and loving it. I also tried the travel size calming facial mask. They are great products from a great company that does not do animal testing. They also claim to be 98% natural and safe for sensitive skin. 



Yes to Cucumbers Calming Night Cream
Info from company website.
  • Cost: $14.99 at Ulta
  • Feel: Non-greasy. Sinks into skin fast.
  • Smell: Cucumber-y. Some say it is a weird cucumber smell but it doesn't bother me.
  • Results: When I wake up in the morning my skin feels smooth. Dry patches are gone. I used to have bad dry patches around my nose but those have disappeared after using this for over a month. (Keep in mind it does not claim any anti-aging or skin perfecting benefits.)
  • Overall: For me the price is worth this product. It doesn't make me breakout which is a problem I have had with other "gentle" moisturizers like Aveeno. And I love the pump packaging, very sanitary! 

Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser
Info from company website.
  • Cost: $8.99 at Ulta
  • Feel: Liquid, like it says in the name, milky texture. Similar to cetaphil face wash. 
  • Smell: Same as the moisturizer. Fake cucumber smell, but it smells great to me!
  • Results: Cleans my skin without leaving it feeling tight or dry like some cleansers do. Usually gets all my makeup up in one pump of cleanser unless I have a lot of eye makeup or waterproof on, of course. I have not seen any change in the quality of my skin though.
  • Overall: It's a great product but I think there are other cleansers out there like Cetaphil knockoff brand Equate that do just as good of a job for a few dollars less. Worth a try if you have very sensitive skin though. Again, love the pump packaging!

Yes to Cucumbers Calming Facial Mask
  • Cost: $1.99 at Ulta (I admit, the cute picture of the cucumber sucked me in.)
  • Feel: Smooth thick texture.
  • Smell: A little stronger of a cucumber smell than the others. 
  • Results: Let me tell ya, this was anything but calming for my skin. I only used half a pack. As soon as I put in on my face started burning so I had to take it off sooner than the package recommended. Sensitive skin people beware of this issue.
  • Overall: I wouldn't repurchase because my skin did not react well. Another option I can give, and one that I used up I liked it so much, is the Botanics Ionic Clay Mask (at Target for $9.39.)

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Here is more info on the company Yes to Carrots.
Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money. It is my honest opinion. This is not a sponsored review.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitten Playtime || chelseahkitty

Even though I've spent a lot on toys my kittens seem to like cardboard boxes, paper bags, and my iphone charger more than anything! If you have any suggestions or toys that your kittens love please leave a comment below. Here are a few cute pictures of them playing/fighting over toys:

Grandma-cat got them this bag and they loved it!
Scratching board..with catnip inside. (5$ at walmart)
Another toy from Grandma-cat!

Tunnel and cube from Petsmart. They chase each other through this alllll day.

"Just doing my makeup mom."
Couldn't find Nala..she was in my drawer.

Another time I couldn't find Nala..in closet organizer.

Special thanks to Grandma-cat (my mom) for the frog and paper bag.
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Thanks for reading, have to go find Nala now...
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You can see more of Nala & Kiba on Youtube ! ^_^

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Meet Nala and Kiba! || chelseahkitty

On May 31, 2013 I adopted the most beautiful kittens I've ever seen! [It's taken me so long to get this blog post up because they sit on my laptop every single time I try to do it haha] Their names are Nala and Kiba. They are 2 month old tabby/calico mix sisters. Nala is a manx so she doesn't have a tail, only a little stub. I bought them from a local rescue organization. They (and their mom, who is also a manx) were rescued from a shelter and (I think) their mom gave birth to them while in the shelter. They are the wildest, craziest kittens I've ever dealt with but I love them! Links to all their social media pages will be at the bottom :)

Here are a few pictures: 
Nala right after I brought her home

Kiba exploring her new home.


Looking out at the storm together

Sleepy baby

Relaxing in the sun

2 is better than 1

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Nala & Kiba also have their own youtube channel: NalaKiba
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