Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitten Playtime || chelseahkitty

Even though I've spent a lot on toys my kittens seem to like cardboard boxes, paper bags, and my iphone charger more than anything! If you have any suggestions or toys that your kittens love please leave a comment below. Here are a few cute pictures of them playing/fighting over toys:

Grandma-cat got them this bag and they loved it!
Scratching board..with catnip inside. (5$ at walmart)
Another toy from Grandma-cat!

Tunnel and cube from Petsmart. They chase each other through this alllll day.

"Just doing my makeup mom."
Couldn't find Nala..she was in my drawer.

Another time I couldn't find closet organizer.

Special thanks to Grandma-cat (my mom) for the frog and paper bag.
If you have a kitten/cat blog I'd love to follow-for-follow you so please leave a comment!
Thanks for reading, have to go find Nala now...
x chelseah

You can see more of Nala & Kiba on Youtube ! ^_^

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